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Today’s this precious boy’s birthday! Love you, Renji <3

btw his hair should be illegal

Ichihime Month Fan Art Week Day 6: “Family”

Some Headcanons:

-Masaki likes Ishida a lot and would often tell everyone she would marry him when she grows up, much to Ichigo’s dismay

-Rukia and Renji taught Masaki to say “Papa no Baka” whenever Ichigo denies giving her candy, again to Ichigo’s dismay

-Both Masaki and Sora have Orihime’s taste in food

-Sora would punch Ichigo’s face whenever he tries to hold him. He’s a mommy’s boy

-Masaki likes “Tako” (octopus) things, she keeps Utamaro 

-Masaki has Quincy abilities while Sora has Shinigami powers

-There might be a third baby on the way.

note: this is late… ahahaha… Do any of you have wonderful headcanons for this cute family? Let me know :D


Working on colour



It’s Sunday - can’t we sleep in a little more???

I love this cat.


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a haiku a day (126/365)

so tell me, how does heaven taste?


Some of my absolute favorite pictures from the impromptu photo-shoot I did with the fantastic Rukia and Ichigo I met at A-Kon 25. :)

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