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Kitty was crying even after bottle-fed. Wrapped and rocked him in a blankie. Instant sleep


『 海月姫 / Princess Jellyfish 』 (Film 2014)


I just saw The Book of Life and there was absolutely NOTHING IN IT…..that I didn’t love. Gosh. It was on a whole different level of beautiful and I would see it again on the big screen in a heartbeat. Good job Book of Life crew! You just stole this guy’s heart. <333 ▷


SO. The Book of Life is honest-to-God the best animated movie I’ve seen in probably the last 10 years. The storyline was so well-executed, the art was amazing, it had more representation in the first 20 minutes than any Disney movie has, period, and it was just altogether such a good choice to…


guess what I saw todaaaaayy!!!

Just saw The Book of Life


Those twins didn’t have nearly enough screen time.

I agree


Sign me up for skeleton babe hell, thanks

Don’t fuck with boys who:


* are mean to their mothers
* are against feminism
* only want you for your body
* will/are leading you on
* think you owe them something
* think they are entitled to your body

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