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Ok here’s another.


It’s been awhile. Here’s a sketch.


I got some kind of featured tag for my Zelda picture, so here is a sketch thank you.



My perfect day.

This is exactly me right now


Work in Progress. Link from Hyrule Warriors. Needs a lot more work but I like the start.


i know theres a lot going on in bleach right now but can we talk abt how even after nearly six-hundred chapters we still dont have a definitive answer to this question ???

we know he’s a human, a shinigami, a hollow, a fullbringer, a vizard, and a quincy;;;; is there anything else that he even can be? how is it even possible to be all those things at once is he like in the same league as orihime where we cant exactly describe his powers ???? does he have power absorbtion abilities or something????  or what like for real, what the fuck is ichigo


People are always too hard on themselves.  They’re always beating themselves up for not being perfect in everything they do or say.  This is a good thing to print out and put where you’ll see it.

I would love a crossover with Orihime like this, Stephanie Sheh(english VA of Orihime voices Sailor Moon) WOOHOO C: 


Start with raspberry ice.. #ECCC commission

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